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Effortlessly craft the perfect cover letter with our AI cover letter builder

Instantly create a tailored cover letter based on your resume.

Start with your resume

Using your existing resume as a starting point, the cover letter builder prompts you to enter your personal and job-specific information, and then generates a customized cover letter that highlights your qualifications and experiences relevant to the job you are applying for

Highlight specific information

Our cover letter builder uses specific information from your resume to create a personalized and professional cover letter. Simply input your work experience, education, and skills, and our tool will generate a customized cover letter that highlights your qualifications and highlights your fit for the desired position.

Generate your cover letter

Plus, with its instant creation feature, you can easily generate multiple versions of your cover letter to tailor to different job openings, saving you time and effort in your job search.

Edit your new cover letter

Now that your resume is well created and tailored to a job description, you can instantly generate a matching cover letter in just 1 click.

Creating a perfect cover letter has never been easier.

Over 340
Real-Life Resume Templates

Choose from free and premium templates and easily customize them without any issues.

Customer testimonials

105 real life stories from trusted users

"Great tool. I've made the mistake of sending the wrong coverletter to the wrong company before. This will eliminate that from happening. It also gave me a better way to format my resume!"

Deji A.

"Brilliant concepts for the folks who are lazy to put efforts for creating CV. Basically, no duplication of efforts"

Abhishek J.

"Been using Resumai for a while now and it helped to save time writing my cv and not just give it a professional look, but also ATS optimize it."

José S.

"Resumai is already such a great experience and with this new extension adds a lot more functionality. I hope it get to different platforms kind of resume maker tho, that would be awesome"

Calvin C.

"I have recommended Resumai because it save time and creates an ATS friendly resume"

Niloufer T.

"Resumai is such a great tool! I grabbed access because I sometimes help people optimize their LinkedIn profiles and resumes and this can help me to do the job more efficiently. :)"

Maddy O.

"I have known for Resumai's service for few years, and all of their tips and advice really helped me to get my current job in abroad! They are innovative and keep developing! Highly recommend :)"

Hyo J.

"Resumai has helped me a ton! It makes it easy to custom tailor for different job descriptions which gives an amazing edge in applications. More power to you."

Vivek T A

"I used Resumai just last week to create a new resume. It was simple and it created a professional looking resume. Two thumbs up."

Jennifer F.

"Really innovative feature! This combined with Resumai's already established features will surely help job-seekers. I've got a lot more interviews since I started using Resumai!"

Rodrigo M.

"Really streamlined the resume making process and made it really easy to build mine. I highly recommend!"

Connor M.

"Niceee! Application looks very slick and has a very nice user experience. I love it 🖤 Congratulations!"

Yevhenii P.

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