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Customer Service Skills to Put on a Resume + How to List Them

A full list of the top customer service skills for your resume. Plus, tips for how to make sure you use all the relevant skill-related keywords so that your resume A) passes the ATS scan and B) impresses hiring decision makers.

June 1, 2024

Your resume is more than just a list of work history—it’s a strategic tool designed to showcase your professional value. For customer service professionals, highlighting the right skills can set you apart from the crowd. But it’s not just about listing a bunch of abilities; it’s about strategically placing your key skills to catch the recruiter’s eye.

Whether you’re a frontline operator, a customer support specialist, or a seasoned customer experience manager, presenting your skills effectively is crucial. In this guide, we’re discussing the most important customer service skills to include on your resume and how to list them for maximum impact.

Important Skills to Put on Customer Service Resumes

Technical Skills

  • CRM Software Proficiency:
    • Salesforce
    • Zendesk
    • HubSpot Service Hub
    • Freshdesk
  • Help Desk Software:
    • Jira Service Desk
    • Zoho Desk
    • Spiceworks
  • Data Analysis:
    • Microsoft Excel
    • Google Analytics
    • Power BI

Software Skills

  • Communication Tools:
    • LiveChat
    • Slack
    • Microsoft Teams
  • Multichannel Support Platforms:
    • Intercom
    • Freshchat
    • Hootsuite
  • E-commerce Platforms:
    • Shopify
    • Magento
    • WooCommerce


  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library)
  • Agile Methodologies
  • Lean Six Sigma

Soft Skills

  • Communication:
    • Active listening
    • Clarity and conciseness
    • Empathy
  • Problem-Solving:
    • Analytical thinking
    • Creativity
    • Conflict resolution
  • Time Management:
    • Prioritization
    • Multitasking
  • Collaboration:
    • Teamwork
    • Inter-departmental coordination
  • Adaptability:
    • Flexibility
    • Handling ambiguity

How to Put Skills on a Customer Service Resume

Creating a Dedicated Skills Section

Structure your resume with a distinct section titled “Skills” or “Core Competencies.” List your key skills here, using bullet points for clarity. Arrange them in order of relevance to the job you’re applying for.



  • Proficient in Zendesk and Salesforce
  • Excellent active listening and conflict resolution
  • Strong multitasking abilities with proven time management skills
  • Experience with Agile methodologies and CRM systems

Adding Skills to Other Resume Sections

Incorporate your skills within the work experience and resume summary sections to give them context and demonstrate application.

Resume Summary Example:

Dynamic customer service professional with over 5 years of experience in managing customer inquiries using Zendesk and Salesforce. Proven track record of improving customer satisfaction through effective communication, quick problem resolution, and a deep understanding of CRM principles.

Work Experience Section Example:

Customer Service Specialist, ABC Corp. | January 2019–Present

  • Utilized Freshdesk and Slack to handle over 50 customer interactions daily, maintaining a satisfaction rating of 95%
  • Implemented Lean Six Sigma techniques to streamline ticket resolution processes, reducing average response time by 30%
  • Acted as a key liaison between product development and customers, providing valuable feedback that led to a 20% improvement in product usability

Tailoring Your Skills to Match Job Requirements

  • Analyze the job ad. Carefully read through the job listing and identify the key skills the employer is seeking. Reflect these exact terms in your resume to show a tailored fit.
  • Prioritize relevant skills. Make sure the skills you highlight most prominently are the ones the job ad emphasizes.
  • Mirror the language used in the job ad. If the job description mentions “customer engagement strategies,” use the same term rather than a synonym such as “client interaction methods.”


Suppose a job ad specifies they need someone proficient in “multichannel support platforms like Intercom and Freshchat” and someone with strong “problem-solving abilities.” Your resume should clearly reflect these points. Like this:


  • Proficient in Intercom and Freshchat
  • Strong problem-solving abilities


Crafting an impactful customer service resume is about more than listing skills; it’s about strategic presentation. Highlight your technical and soft skills in targeted ways to appeal directly to the job you want. Use these tips to ensure your resume stands out and gets you noticed in the competitive field of customer service. Remember, the goal is to show not just what you can do, but why you’re the best fit for the job.

Editorial note: The first draft of this article has been created by AI. It has then undergone a normal editorial process, with our Editor-in-chief, Michael Tomaszewski, a Certified Professional Resume Writer, ensuring the advice in this piece is factually correct, in line with the best resume writing practices, and written in a clear, readable manner.

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